Mr X Stitch Presents: Beefranck’s Emporium – MANJUNK

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I’m Beefranck, Queen of Ironic Stitching and Editor-in-Chief at Mr X Stitch. I know a thing or two about cool stitchery and it’s my pleasure to share my finds with you. So let’s do it!

Hi everybody! This week I wanted to showcase the work of my friend Matthew, aka Cracker Finishing School for Boys, aka MANJUNK. (There are more aliases but I will stop there. 🙂 )

Matthew has… a healthy affection for beards.

He has also come up with several designs that communicate the things that some of us might find difficult to express.

How often have you tried but failed to tell someone this very thing?

He’s also very adept at staging his photos of his work.

No matter what the subject, he always speaks the truth.

Be sure to check out Matthew’s etsy store to make one of these your very own!

Beefranck is the Queen of Ironic Stitchery and the binding polymer that holds together the Emergency Pants podcast, the Stitching n Junk podcast and MrXStitch, the best contemporary embroidery and needlework blog around. If you really want to get to know her, she’s usually getting up to shenanigans on Tumblr.

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