Mr X Stitch Presents: Beefranck’s Emporium – The Simpsons

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Over at Mr X Stitch we’re blessed with the services of Beefranck, the Queen of Ironic Stitching, who curates the terrific “Emporium of Embroidered Excellence and Splendiferous Stitchery”. Each week, these posts explore themes expressed through embroidery, and they’re ace.

So without further ado, I welcome you to…

Hi everyone! This week I want to take a look at stitches inspired by The Simpsons. Grab a doughnut and let’s get to it. 🙂

Ah, Homer. He’s the binding polymer that holds The Simpsons together. Although he is a simple man, he has a range of emotions. Brian Campbell has captured that here.

This stitch, Insect Overlords, is also by Brian Campbell. Now, you might not get the connection this has to The Simpsons – here, watch this clip and you will!

Here’s another portrait of Homer, this time enjoying his pastry of choice, by LeighAnnD.

This stitch was created by lawdymizzclawdy. It refers to the New Kid on the Block episode from season 4, in which Bart’s heart is broken by the new girl in town. Be sure to check out lawdymizzclawdy’s blog to see more of her work.

Ralph Wiggum. Nuff said. Stitched by Pam Aghababian, who has an awesome blog.

Lilyvanilli is a stitchy hero of mine, and here is one more reason why. She made this Professor Frink t-shirt for her boyfriend. So cool!

I love this Milhouse embroidery by Totally Severe. It’s so nice to see him in a rare moment of pure joy. 🙂

One of my favorite quotes from the series is when Homer cries “Save me, Jebus!” It happens often, so often that I can’t find reference to the first time it was said. Anyhow, that prompted our own Mr X Stitch to make this cross stitch. Hooray for the healing power of Jebus!

I hope you enjoyed this look at Simpsons stitches!


Beefranck is the Queen of Ironic Stitching and is responsible for a lot of stuff on,
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She can often be found hanging out on the Phat Quarter on Flickr and co-hosts Emergency Pants, a podcast that is not for the faint hearted!

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