Mother’s Day: Crafting for Mom

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paper family Whether she taught you everything you know, or is amazed by your your craftiness, there is something extra-special about creating a gift for the woman who created you. Moms, and the people who take on the maternal role in life, are often the people we most want to please, and the people who think we are fabulous, no matter what. Life is just sweeter knowing there’s one person who thinks you are the most talented person on earth, from your first hand-turkey to the most complex thing you’ve made.

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Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to thank the person who brought you up and taught you about life. Whether it’s your Mom, another relative, or another adult who nurtured you and showed you the way, it’s all about gratitude and acknowledging that without her (or him!) you would not be the person you are now. Handmade gifts are especially significant, and also allow you to personalize the gift. You can celebrate a common interest, an in-joke, or make something your Mom will adore. If your Mom is no longer with you, you can also honor her memory by creating something she would love (or trying a craft she enjoyed) either for yourself, a sibling or loved one, or a great Mom in your life. It’s also a great time to honor motherhood with a crafty donation to a local shelter, crisis line, or Women & Children program in your community.

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Moms come in all types, from funky to conservative, serious to funny, and everything in between. By making your gift, you can really personalize it to fit her taste. Whatever kind of Mom you have, you can find inspiration on Craftster to make her something perfect. We are showcasing some of our favorite projects that our members have made for their Mothers here, but there are so many more on all of the boards.

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If you are really in the spirit of gift-crafting, it’s fun to surprise other Mothers you know with a crafty Mother’s Day token of appreciation. Your best friend’s Mom, your sister or sister-in-law, a new Mom you know, a great pet-mom, or an older neighbor whose kids are far away, would all enjoy a little crafty treat. Why not share the love?

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The idea of Mother’s Day has been around since the ancient Greeks, and many countries celebrate it. In the US and some other countries, the second Sunday in May is set aside to honor our Mothers. Other countries celebrate Mother’s Day at various times throughout the year. Although the dates may vary, the idea is the same; we give our gratitude to the women who gave us so much.

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If you make something awesome for Mother’s Day, post it on our Mother’s Day Board, so that others can be inspired by your idea! If you are looking for some inspiration yourself, that board is awesome place to start.

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Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms of Craftster!

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  1. mari says:

    OMG – I love the “I love you more than all the bubbles in the world” line … am going to have to use that next year – or for a birthday card or something. Too cute!

  2. Higgy says:

    I love being a mom this year (well techniqually I was last year but..)

  3. Great article! I love Mother’s Day because it’s a day to give appreciation to all the hard working mothers out there.

    If you’re a mother, go to the link below for your free Mother’s Day gift!

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