Minneapolis Rocks!

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Over Labor Day weekend I went to Minneapolis to visit some peeps. My bf’s sister and husband live in the Lyn-Lake area . I’d never been to Minneapolis but I had heard great things about it — well barring what I’ve heard about the winters there. I can’t believe how much fun stuff we squeezed into 3 days and that there’s just so much more to do there! Here were some of my favorites…

Sister Fun is a store after my own heart! Apparantly they are a branch of the store Uncle Fun in Chicago which I’d heard a lot about. It’s a store crammed full of weird, random, old pop culture stuff and cheap, kitschy, old plastic doo dads. They don’t have their own website but here’s a CitySearch review of them. And here’s what I bought. Oh how I love cheapy plasticy little things.

Sister Fun sister fun

And then there was Axman Surplus. I love surplus stores. Unfortunately I don’t think there are any in Boston. For those who haven’t been to a surplus store, they are amazing. They tend to have an huge random selection of odds and ends like scientific lab equipment, mechanical parts, manufacturing remnants, overstocks, goof-ups, etc. Here’s what I got: black plastic boxes, doll faces, watchmaker tins, foil tape, d-rings, a caliper, and some metal fan grates (what I’ll use them for? I don’t know!).


Oh and then there was the food in Minneapolis. So yummy. So midwestern. My two favorite culinary delights were this restaurant called Hell’s Kitchen with it’s Ralph Steadman decor and fried cheese curds at the Minnesota State fair.

Makes we want to tour the country hit all the spots like this that exist in one form or another in every city!

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  1. Shelby Gelato says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed my hometown! Next time you’re here, try the pizza at Galactic Pizza (right in the Lyn-Lake hood). Better yet, have it delivered, the delivery folks use electric cars and wear superhero costumes! Or Pizza Luce – also delicious cheap eats right in the neighborhood. You also might like Gallery 360 for work by local artists and Lee’s Liquor Lounge for drinks & local music. And the best, most romantic lighting in town is at Lucia’s wine bar. You will fall immediately in love with your drinking companion.

  2. Vanessa says:

    oh! you came to my city! i love ax-man, in fact i had an interview there last week but didn’t get the job. 🙁 i still love shopping there though.glad you enjoyed minneapolis! next time, go to the HUGE salvation army store downtown; it’s a treasure trove of ramdom goodies for cheap.

  3. Melinda says:

    Uncle Fun is THE BEST store EVER. I used to live in Chicago and always did my xmas shopping there. Where else can you get a Mr. T coloring book? It’s a haven for “new old stock”, and you wander through there thinking “Why has someone held onto this stuff and how did it resurface now…?”

  4. becka says:

    the next time you come to town, please stop and see the Textile Center. i teach kids classes for them. amazing work by some of the great textile artists around the twin cities.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Next time try Pho Tau Bay. Best Vietnamese food ever!

  6. Erin says:

    I am so glad I saw this! I am going to Minneapolis for the first time in the second week of October. Now I have some ideas of where I may want to visit on my weekend there!

  7. catherine says:

    Oh, the winters aren’t that bad! Minneapolis is a lovely place and I’m glad you enjoyed it and didn’t think it was in the middle of a farm like most people from the east coast! 😉 Next time you visit you should check out the art museums, the museums here are fantastic!

  8. twyla says:

    oh my goodness! those little plastic lambs! so great. I, too, have an obsession with cheap plastic crap.

  9. arielsalias says:

    I hit up the Recycle Store at the Children’s Museum in Boston for surplus store type goods. Since the space is so small, there’s no way it can compete with the real deal, but it might be as close as we’ve got here. You have to check back often for good stuff. Plus, they have those picture frames with real glass for $1! Can’t beat covering your walls with those!

  10. heidi says:

    ohh I love cheap little plastic do dads too! Looks like you found some great stuff!!

  11. susie says:

    oh my, can i get a “leah’s guide to travel” for, like, every city in the world, please?

  12. missginsu says:

    I’m so excited you went to hang in MSP! Lovelove Sister Fun! And Bobby Bead is a beautiful bead-shop down the way and around the corner from SF. Fabness. If you haven’t been to the site/store, I also have to recommend Archie McPhee of Seattle, which has cute-y Sister-Fun-style stuff.

  13. gracie says:

    those doll heads are great. there’s a place called hell’s kitchen in melbourne too, it’s one of my favourite haunts. great 70s decor, a bunch of board games, and always kooky music playing.

  14. firehead4 says:

    You can check out the Uncle Fun website…

  15. crystal jean says:

    Another amazing junk store not far from SF is 15 min. Its on Hennepin in the parking lot of saint sabrinas. Lovely things from your childhood. Minneapolis is the home of good junk. I LOVE IT!!!

  16. Beth says:

    Hey! Tell me next time you come to Minneapolis. You should try eating at the melting pot, I havent been there yet, but have heard the best things about it. I remember you saying you liked it here in the chat room once, and just stumbled upon this thread in your blog. Hope you visit again, its always cool to see people say awesome things about your hometown!!

  17. Anonymous says:

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  18. ruby says:

    i have been searching and searching for LOTS of little plastic flowers (as pictured in your what you bought photos.) i live 4 hours from mpls and we frequently go there at which point i stock up on the flowers among other things. i recently heard devastating news that sister fun has closed it’s doors…anyone know if that’s true? and if so, anyone know where i can get my hands on more pretty little plastic flowers? i’vd done many google searches only to come up empty or really lame not so cute plastic flowers..any help would be so appreciated. thanks.

  19. Andy says:

    nice page !

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