Michael Jackson Appreciation in Crafts

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handmade michael jackson t-shirt For many of us Michael Jackson’s music was very much a part of our lives at one stage of his career or perhaps at every stage of this career. I know his body of work encompasses much more than Thriller, but that was the album that hit me at the right age. I can still probably recite every word on the album forwards and maybe even backwards — even the whole monologue by Vincent Price. There’s nothing more I can say that hasn’t already been said much more eloquently by someone else so I think I’ll stop here and just say that all our lives are richer thanks to MJ’s music and for that we are so appreciative.

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  1. Manda says:

    Rest in Peace, Michael! Your music was so influential to my childhood, even if you got a bit creepy there at the end.

  2. jackson5 says:

    My tribute piece was in the works yesterday as soon as I found out. Yeah, he was crazy but the man was the freakin King of Pop!

  3. Babalina58 says:

    Michael, thanks for all the memories from the all night skate to the school dances. I have my glove and my red zipper jacket still. NOw most of my tears are for your family but my childhood being really gone now. Thanks for the autographs, pics, all the wonderful memories and your music. YOur always my first love! Hugs to your fmaily and I am so sorry your life was cut so short. Only the great ones really die young… I have tears and joy because of you.

  4. Calee says:

    I grew up with Michael and he was my first big influence and love. Why are lives of the greats always cut so short? I’m glad he was with us for even this short time. I will be crafting up a storm when I return home – I’ve been out of town since the news broke and haven’t been able to properly mourn… unless you count crying while singing Billie Jean in the car as the news broke. Rest in Peace, Michael.

  5. RIPMichaelJackson says:

    The world was recently saddened by the sudden loss of pop icon Michael Jackson. In memoriam of this legendary and one-of-a-kind performer, Ztarlet Star Registry has dedicated an actual star in his memory – as a symbol of the bright light that Jackson brought to the music industry and his millions of loyal fans across the globe.


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  6. Ross says:

    Michael Jackson will very much be missed.

    We created an “oosh” message (message of recognition) for Michael Jackson. We invite you to add a comment of appreciation.


  7. sweets4ever says:

    Stumbled across this one this morning. Very nice! http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=313131.0

  8. lovin michael says:

    Michael i loved all ur music u were an influence in me when i heared the news i was shocked u rock king of pop!!!!!!

  9. michael jackson says:

    wow that was really nice of you i grew listening to his music sometimes and i love his music and i love him! i just don’t want to believe he’s gone

    I LOVE YOU MICHAEL i know you know that to

    RIP Michael Jackson and you will live forever!!

  10. Chezzny says:

    Michael Jackson would always be the best popstar ever. i love all his songs and his live concerts.

  11. Jonathan says:

    Michael Jackson is truly the King of Pop. He made a lot of great songs in the area of Pop Music. His death is a great loss to the music industry.

  12. I really miss Michael Jackson. He is truly the greatest pop singer of the century. Farewell king of pop..

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