Meet the Moderators: Lindyv321

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Lindyv321 is all kinds of awesome. She is one super crafty moderator! I swear, I think she can do any craft with ease. I would be mad at her for that if she wasn’t so nice! Lindyv321 is so helpful to everyone in the Craftster community. Let’s find out more about this amazing moderator.

How did you find Craftster?
I honestly don’t remember exactly but I think it was a project post was linked on a blog I used to read years ago.

How long have you been on Craftster?
I have been a member since 2008 and have learned way more crafty skills since then. Looking back to my first posts makes me cringe a bit but I guess we all have to start somewhere!!!.

Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I live in Arizona with my boyfriend of 8 years, my two kids, and our zoo of pets. I have worked in the insurance industry since 1999. I love to embroider, alter stuff, make jewelry, and other random stuff.

Your favorite thing about Craftster:
The inspiration!! Artistic and personal. I have grown so much with my skills and things I am able to do since I’ve joined. I am also lucky to have “met” and connected with so many wonderful encouraging people because of this site.

Any advice for newbies?
Jump on in!!! Grow, learn, and have fun!

Favorite quote:
It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities -J.K. Rowling or Albus Dumbledore

Lindyv321 is a crafty force to be reckoned with! Her kindness knows no bounds and all of us at Craftster are so glad that she is part of the family.

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  1. MissingWillow says:

    What a fantastic choice to feature! She’s awesome.

  2. pottermouth says:

    I love learning a little more about one of my Craftster Crushes. You completely Rock, lindyv321!

  3. Mistress Jennie says:

    Gotta love lindy, and her beautiful work!

  4. Lindy says:

    Thanks for the love! This is my favorite place on the internet!

  5. craftylittlemonkey says:

    Aww, this is my favourite place on the internet too and that’s completely because of awesome people like you Lindy. You do rock!

  6. wendie Koster says:

    Oh yes! Lindy! Absolutely a great Craftster, great choice!! Lindy you are so sweet and have posted so much great projects.
    Thanks for inspiring others and your encouragement. You rock lady!

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