Media Mixáge, from Spellbinders

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Recently, Spellbinders came out with a new line called Media Mixáge. As someone who really enjoys working with mixed media, I was so excited to see what they offered.

Spellbinders sent me the Artisan X-plorer Machine, which is a compact roller press. It’s perfect for cutting, embossing and pressing with a multitude of materials, including paper, metals, fabrics, or plastics. I also got a paper pack, some dies, texture plates, and round bezels and bezel dies. The great thing about the bezel and bezel die combination is that the dies cut the shapes to fit perfectly within the bezels! If you’ve ever tried to hand-cut a perfect circle, or worse, fit a hand-cut circle into a bezel, you know how awesome this is. The bezel set I got had three sizes of the round bezel, each 1/8″ deep, so there’s plenty of room for layering. I also received the 3 dies that cut perfectly sized circles to correspond with these bezels. Spellbinders has many bezel/bezel die combinations in other shapes, too: including hearts, squares, and triangles.

For my first project, I chose the largest of the bezels (2 1/4″) and set out to do a little collage within. I used the die to cut 2 circles from the Media Mixáge Ephemera Papers One paper pad. One I used for the sky background, and one I tore in half to look like the grass. I used some transparent markers to draw sun rays onto the sky. Then, with the house die, I cut the house out of a ticket, using a different paper for the roof. To give the house a little dimension and make it stand out from the background, I glued the paper onto a metal house blank. Sequin flowers and a butterfly charm also add to the depth of the design. Once I was finished, I used the ICE resin to fill the bezel. I have never used resin before, but this was so easy! The resin comes in a syringe which makes automatically dispenses the two part solution in equal amounts. There’s no measuring required. It was so simple to mix and use. After 24 hours of setting and drying time, I added a lock and key charm to the bottom ring of the bezel, and a ribbon to the top ring for hanging.
There is a page in the paper pad that has pigs on it, and I just love it. For the second 1 5/8″ bezel, I used the dies to cut my favorite piggy out. The size was perfect for the bezel. I gave the pig a little pink tutu, and cut the words “oink (oink)” out of an old dictionary. I filled the bezel with the ICE resin, and again, waited 24 hours before proceeding with the work. Once it was set, I found a small rubber pig and poked an eye pin through the top so I could add it to the top. A few beads hanging from the bottom complete the look. I glued a magnet on the back, so this little piggy can hang out on my fridge.
The smallest 1″ sized bezel is, to me, perfect for jewelry. For this piece, I used a piece of scrapbook paper. I cut the image out with the die, and then used a bit of glitter on the outside edge before gluing it into the bezel. I then hand-cut the smaller circle with the bee image, and used ink to darken the edges. I attached this to the background with a dimensional glue dot to make it stand way out from the background. Once again, I used the ICE resin and let it sit for a good 24 hours before adding the bee charm to the bottom, and stringing the piece on a chain. I can’t believe how easy and quick it was to make this necklace! I know I’ll be making more.

These dies, blanks and bezels could be used in so many different ways for any mixed media project! I’m looking forward to seeing what else I can come up with using different shapes and bezels and my new Artisan X-plorer machine.

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  1. HRSG says:

    These are all grand, and I think a bit out of your normal genre? Love the direction though.

  2. isewcute says:

    I haven’t used these types of bezels before, but they sure look like something I need to try! Beautiful work!

  3. rackycoo says:

    Using resin and jewelry bezels is definitely new to me, but I’m really planning on stocking up on more. I love the smaller pendant sizes.

  4. alwaysinmyroom says:

    I am so excited about the ice resin–sounds foolproof! Your results were great..very clean and even…thanks for showing how some of their products can be used…I love the little house scene

  5. Mary Ann says:

    How fun! These are great projects, and I love the little house!

  6. spikefan says:

    Lovely work!

  7. Very nice–I love the way you put the different elements together.

  8. onyxnox says:

    Love them! I am excited to see the new products and can’t wait to try some myself. I love Ice resin; it is easy to work with and dries so nice and clear.

  9. cackle says:

    Lovely, racky! My favorite is the pig. 🙂

  10. Knickers says:

    Sooo cute. You make the nicest things 🙂

  11. This are really nice, and so cute! The little house is my favorite, but being a pig collector I love the one with the little pig to.