Meatless Monday: Vegan Banh Mi/Vietnamese Sandwiches

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Lunch is the hardest meal for me to plan for during the week. It gets so repetitive and boring. I’m so glad that applesweet posted this delicious recipe for Vegan Banh Mi/Vietnamese Sandwiches as a healthy alternative to the frozen meals and peanut butter and jelly sammies I take to work every day. Not only are these sandwiches a healthy choice for lunch, but would be a great addition to a party or a picnic. I just love seeing all the colorful veggies in the sandwich and I’m pretty sure I can smell the wonderful scent of cilantro right now!

Are you looking for alternatives to the same boring lunch? Why not check out our Cooking Board!

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  1. LimeRiot says:

    I LOVE Banh Mi sandwiches. They are such a great mix of flavors.

  2. HSG says:

    Looks delish! Think I will try this one this week.

  3. rackycoo says:

    Oh my, this looks soooo good. I’ll definitely be trying this out!

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