Meatless Monday: Dairy Free Bubble Tea

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Have you tried a bubble tea before? It is very popular in my town. People can not get enough of it! Since it is so popular, it can also get very expensive.

Whipping up your own is an excellent way to save some mad cash and get your fix with Mistress Jennie’s recipe for Dairy Free Bubble Tea. She also shares a slight moderation for those who are vegan.

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  1. rackycoo says:

    Never thought you could make this at home. I’m going to have to give it a try!

  2. alteredmommy says:

    great recipe! Love me some bubble tea 🙂

  3. LimeRiot says:

    What?! You can make these at home?? Good to know!

  4. I Sew Cute says:

    I’ve never heard of bubble tea before! Sounds very interesting!