March 25th is Waffle Day!

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Stroopwafels- Dutch Caramel Filled Cookie How best to celebrate Waffle Day? By eating waffles! And there are tons of types of waffles out there, from trying the oft-seen pin of using canned cinnamon roll dough to make waffles (I did try that, they were okay but the waffle iron was a mess to clean, I’d rather just have the cinnamon rolls!) to regular waffles to Belgian waffles to… STROOPWAFELS! Seriously, don’t these look unbelievable delicious? Ezri_B was kind enough to provide the recipe and directions, so maybe add a new waffle to your waffle repertoire this waffle day?
Nyan Cat vs Waffle Cat

Maybe you like to foster a sense of competition, but don’t want an all-out syrup war to boil over between the well-known waffle restaurant and their pancake counterpart. There are other breakfast foods, and why not incorporate a touch of pop (tart) culture as well? Take, for instance, this great quilt of Nyan Cat and Waffle Cat by princesspimp81

Ice Cream Cone Earrings

So maybe actual waffles, in food or quilt form, just aren’t your thing. There’s plenty of other ways to honor the waffle – perhaps with a waffle cone of ice cream? Who doesn’t like ice cream? Besides vegans, and people who are lactose intolerant, and people for whom it is still very cold outside…. okay, okay, but these adorable clay earrings of waffle cone ice cream by beautifulpirate are lactose free, possible vegan (honestly I don’t know enough about clay, and I know some surprising things are not vegan!), and definitely calorie free!

Waffle Stitch Gloves

Fine, let’s veer into the world of figurative waffles, then. Here are a gorgeous pair of waffle stitch gloves knitted by by Sinjah. Also very handy (ha! handy!) for those where it’s too cold to eat ice cream right now. See? It all ties together!

On a final note, there’s a lot of WAFFLING that goes on in the Swap Boards. Do I join a swap? Do I not join a swap? Well, when in doubt… join! They are such a great deal of fun, so go check them out and get a piece of awesomeness from a fellow Craftster!

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  1. HSG says:

    Happy waffle day! Fun thing to know and great projects.

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