Manic Monday: Rhinestone Bra

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Rhinestone Bra Acidtrix created this for a Repo! The Genetic Opera costume. She used 4mm glass rhinestones that needed to be heat set. Acidtrix claims that she “mangled” the bra when she made some mistakes. I think she has to be crazy because it looks flawless to me! I mean really, look at the placement of the rhinestones, it looks perfect! And the time and patience needed to delicately set about 700 rhinestones… Wow! You can also see more details about this project here:
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  1. Lisa says:

    We do this to competitive dance costumes allllllll the time except we use E6000 glue to attach the crystals. Just a toothpick glob of glue and AB crystals… easy and beautiful!!!

  2. acidtrix says:

    haha! Thanks for the lovely comments jungrrl – I promise you though, it is far from flawless. its the hypnotic powers of the bling that distracts you from the scorch marks 😉

  3. wow.. what a fabulous bra with rhinestones all over it. very wonderful

  4. mari says:

    hey lisa we also do this for dance costumes e6000 but totally cover the bra witha pattern last year we did a pasley pattern 3 colors in 30,20,16,12,and 7ss as filler love theses blingy bras.. would love to do hotfix but takes to much time for same result

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