Manic Monday: Grandmother’s Flower Garden Quilt

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Grandmother's Flower Garden Quilt Hey folks! This is our second installment of a new weekly feature called “Manic Monday”. Basically, I get to lead you to all those incredibly detailed, time-consuming, jaw-droppingly intricate crafts that are posted all around Craftster! You know, those projects that just look like they took FOREVER. We want to showcase those amazing, dedicated, and crazy (in the best way possible) crafters who’ve put so much energy into one fabulous item!

I might just be posting one of the single most time consuming crafts ever put on Craftster. I don’t know how much more time consuming you can get than SimplySandy‘s Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt. It’s king sized, hand pieced, hand quilted, and has handmade hand stitched binding! Just wrap your head around that for one second. It’s amazing! She says it took her over a year and I believe it. Check out the full thread, with many more pictures, here:

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  1. batgirl says:

    Oh, I just adore this! I think this is my favorite traditional quilt pattern. Bravo!!

  2. chimes says:

    holy crap! that one sounds time consuming.

    so basically… you’ll be posting a lot of quilts, right? 😉

  3. Shelby says:

    my great grandmother made a quilt from exactly the same design and its also king sized. I would never have the patience to do that.

  4. midgetflynn says:

    So beautiful!

  5. Misty says:

    The quilt is beautiful. I love the collection of colors.

  6. Joy Nelson says:

    somehow I lost my grandmother’s “garden” quilt when I moved. It was gorgeous, and I had paid a professional to find the perfect 1930’s green fabric to finish the edges. It’s a hearbreaking loss. Recently I started hand-sewing some flowers with the thought they might someday add up to a quilt. It is extremely time-consuming, hard on my 70-something-year old hands (and eyes),but it is actually fun to do bec each flower is a piece of art in itself and it gives me lots of quiet time to think about the dedication of the women in our past who were so very diligent.

  7. This is wonderful. I’m doing this idea with my class that I teach “Math for Educators”. One student came up with something special on hexagons.

  8. Liza says:

    I just bought an Amish made quilt of this pattern for over $1000. You bet it’s time consuming!

  9. Trena says:

    My great-grandmother made this full-size quilt for each of her 7 daughters. How did she have the time?? I got one of them from my grandmother and I neglected to care for this treasure. I SO regret it now. I’m going to do something special with 2 of the sections I still have, each about 12″ in dia. I will probably do a pillow top with each section with her doily accents to fill in empty spaces in the corners. Or maybe framing it would preserve it better. Not sure yet. Lots of lessons learned here. Just wish I had the original quilt. Love the skills of all you quilters!