Manic Monday: Embroidered Birth Sampler

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Embroidery Sampler Hey folks! This is a brand new weekly feature we’re starting called “Manic Monday”. Basically, I get to lead you to all those incredibly detailed, time-consuming, jaw-droppingly intricate crafts that are posted all around Craftster! You know, those projects that just look like they took FOREVER. We want to showcase those amazing, dedicated, and crazy (in the best way possible) crafters who’ve put so much energy into one fabulous item!

Our first Manic Monday is Lilyvanilli‘s Embroidered Birth Sampler, made for her niece. From what I can gather it took about two months of planning, prepping, and stitching, with 16 different kinds of stitches in at least a dozen different colors of thread! Whoa. Check out the full thread, with many more pictures, here:

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  1. vmfein says:

    I saw this when it was originally put on craftster and it is beautiful! Wow I didn’t know that there was even 16 different embroidery stitches. I am a newbie and only know how to do the back stitch, lol. No doubt Lilyvanilli was glad when she was done with the sampler but it was definately worth it since it came out great! =0)

  2. KATHY says:

    is there anyway of getting a pattern of this. My daughter is exspecting and I am teaching her to embrodery

  3. pinkleo says:

    beautiful (both sampler & baby)
    and yay for Manic Monday
    (even if that song is now stuck in my head)

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