Make and Decorate a Zippered Pouch

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Zippered pouches are so handy to have. They can hold anything, from jewelry to makeup to crayons! Once you know how to make them, you’re going to want to make them in all sorts of fabrics and sizes. Maybe I need a zippered bag to hold all my other zippered bags! 

Leslieshappyheart wrote up such a great tutorial for this colorful pouch made with whimsical fabrics. I love the colors and the mix of materials. The orange button really completes the look.

If you like a bit of a different look, astormorray provides a tutorial for this lined pouch with a zipper on the side instead of the top.
Once you have figured out the steps to creating a zippered pouch, you can start experimenting with different looks. StickerChic87 decorated this bag with some embroidery and patchwork.
bekibutton used felt and colorful buttons to make this Nyan cat pouch.
multibeavo got really creative with her zippered pouch; she used a pink zipper for the mouth of this beaver. How cute is that?

Everyone could use a zippered pouch or two. It’s the perfect way to keep your stuff together. Click on the Craftster tag “zippered pouch“, where you’ll find all sorts of great ideas.

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  1. Wendie Koster - wendiek says:

    Yes! I love me some zippered pouches!! I am the happy owner or a Leslieshappyheart-pouch, so beautiful! Her tutorial is very easy to follow. Tried it myself a few times now.

    Thanks for the links to the other pouches as well! I love the patchwork pouch made by StickerChic too!

    Oh, now I ‘need’ more zippered pouches….

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