Macrame is Back-rame!

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Update! April 2, 2009 – The Aftermath

OK. We admit it. We were only playing our annual April Fools joke and Craftster is not in fact becoming and focusing solely on macrame. So for all of you who went out yesterday traded every craft supply they owned in for twine and wooden beads, we’re sorry! Ha ha! Thank you all for playing along so hysterically with our joke yesterday. It reminds us why we love the Craftster community much. For those who missed out, here’s what we did…

We re-branded the site with a hideous 70’s design complete with 9 different variations on the logo (in the upper left corner) for You can click these thumbnails below to see ’em.

We also gave everyone random macrame-themed avatars. There were 39 of the altogether. Below are a few examples. Then we further amused ourselves by assigning new names to all of Craftster Moderators like “taloola” -> “macraloola” and “Batgirl” -> “Batcrame.”

Here are just a few of my favorite reactions posted in the forums yesterday. Thank you all (well, the 98% who got the joke!) for playing along and making us all laugh out loud with your reactions!

“oh, knot me up and tie tassles to me, this is brilliant!” – lol-lol

“I call I get to rake the carpet!” – Knichole

“I love the guy with the orange cap and binoculars. I think I might have dated him.” — A2K

“I’m so glad you finally decided to take the site into a bold new direction of the 1970’s, and all those macrame’d cards I made got through to you. I don’t know why it ever went out of style…maybe there was a shortage of twine?” – coralsaver

“I’m so glad that Macrame’.net is bringing sexy back. It’s been gone for way too long.” – kittykill

“The scariest thing of all…. I have macrame yarn under my bed, just waiting for this revolution! I’m going to have to get hopping, and then get shopping – for a new spider plant!” – smrfchic

“Totally diggin’ the hawt man-cramé!” – amiemoo

“My husband has been bugging and bugging me for a new sexy vest. Thanks!” – ranchgirl

“Groovy baby! This site is so far out. Love hangin’ with all you groovy knotty people” – Gege

“Now I can finally stop being ashamed of all my beautiful macrame crafts. I’ve been hiding them in the closet for my whole life!! Next time my boyfriend makes fun of me for my gorgeous knotted string lingerie I’m going to bring him here. It’s about time someone finally understands me as a person. THANK YOU SO MUCH!” – lafemmefatale

“This is awesome. I’m going to start working on a man-vest for my sweetie right away. Everyone at work will be so jealous of him!” – JadedJenn

“wow i did not know there was a macrame stormtrooper. amazing, that 70s technology… (i am not going to even mention that clown and just hope it goes away. tomorrow.)” – nataluna

“Groovy! Now I can finally use that Girl Scout knowledge that has been tucked away for sooo long!” – bevsbaubles

“Later today, I am going to sell ALL of my crafting gear that is not macrame-related (beads smaller than 1″ diameter, yarn that isn’t heavy acrylic or hemp, anything that isn’t avacado, beige, orange, or yellow in color, etc.)” – RachOfTheJungle

“HippieKender sprawls out on her rust colored shag carpet while making a large macrame plant holder.” – HippieKender

April 1, 2009 – News! Macrame is Back-rame!

macrame bikini You may think macrame is an outdated 70’s craft, but in fact, it is the hottest trend sweeping the craft world. With the recent popularity of owl motifs in other crafts, and the recent economic downturn sending people scrambling to find inexpensive hobbies, macrame was primed for a comeback.
This versatile craft can be used to decorate your home with large-scale wall hangings, cradle your spider plant in comfort and safety, or even make an attractive man-vest for your favorite guy. macrame men's vest

We have conducted many surveys, and based on the results have decided to re-focus Craftster, making it the world’s largest web community devoted to macrame. We do understand that this change may be a little difficult to adjust to, especially for some of our longtime members, but we assure you, once you tie the knot, you will never look back. For those of you who have stuck by us during the past few years’ phenomenal growth, we love you, and hope you will give us time to prove that this change will be a huge improvement. For those of you who are new, welcome to this exciting new direction! Grab some twine and get ready to be knotty!

macrame purses macrame flowers macrame vest

Starting next week we will debut “Macrame Monday”, a weekly blog post featuring the best of the best macrame projects. Tute Tuesday will feature macrame tutorials to get you started, and Freaky Friday will feature other up-and-coming hot new craft trends, such as String Art, and Paint by Numbers.

macrame owl macrame vests macrame planter

According to our focus groups, and survey results, this change should make Craftster more popular and user-friendly than ever before. We have complete faith in our research, and look forward to moving ahead as the new, improved, MacrameNet.Net!

Let’s get knotty!

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  1. KristyDi says:

    Is it weird that I’ll kind of miss the orange shag background? It really grew on me yesterday.

  2. i came by yesterday and just didn’t notice lol

  3. Audrey says:

    The weird orange background definitely grew on some people yesterday. It also grew over the people who dropped dead of panic induced heart attacks. I hear it is in New Zealand right now and will be taking over Australia shortly. Great prank guys!

  4. ellieinwonderland says:

    Wow. I was fooled. Only trick played on me all yesterday. But it was a good one.

  5. luvelycritter says:

    heee hso funny

  6. Anonymous says:

    LOL! Oh man I had flashbacks to watching my Mom in the early 70’s with this ring on her big toe on her foot with twine attatched to it, she would knot and knot and knot! I think it was plant hangers or something she was making for some bead shop. Oh how I wanted to dig into all those beads! I must have been like, 3 years old or something like that! 🙂

    LOL! Too funny! I think my inlaws still have the harvest gold sink in their kitchen, and an avacado green toilet in the guest bathroom!

  7. swingingdelirium says:

    Man, the great part is I actually love macrame to pieces. I made a macrame hammock once when I was a little kid!

  8. Laura says:

    Were can I find the pattern for the macrame bikini on this page or any other macrame bathing suits/bikinis?
    Happy Holidays to all!

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