Look What I Made with a Dremel! – How to Make a Spoon Pendant

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Spoon Pendants by Jean

Jean aka Sweets4ever In this article, I share a nifty tutorial on how to make a spoon pendant (as well as a few other variations made with the same process!). My inspiration was this project by Craftster member rhodora. rhodora used a jewelry saw to create her pendant, but since I don’t have access to one, I turned to my trusty Dremel!

I use my Dremel for all sorts of crafty purposes such as glass etching, polishing, carving and making recycled jewelry. I’ve created some really awesome Altoid tin pieces by stripping the paint and engraving gorgeous and intricate little patterns on them with the Dremel. Around our house, I’ve used the Dremel for installing wall outlets, repair work on our motorcycles, and THE BEST THING EVER, re-slotting stripped screws.

Jean's Creations

Star Spoon Keychain
Star Keychain
Turtle Shrink Plastic Pendant
Shrink Plastic Embellished Pendant
Spoon Suncatcher
Jewelled Suncatcher
Tree Spoon Pendant
Tree Pendant


Project Supplies Supplies:

Dremel 688-01 Cut-off Wheel Accessory Set
Safety glasses
Tungsten Carbide Cutter accessory (bit)
Spoons (stainless steel in this instance)

Step 1 Step One:

Design an image on the spoon with a marker.

Step 1 Part Two The possibilities are endless for designs! Think of abstract images, symbols, holidays or just simple and fun shapes.
Step 2 Step Two:

Cut your image from the spoon. I use a Tungsten Carbide Cutter for this step. Make an initial hole in the spoon and then slowly work outward until your entire image is detailed. I find it helpful to secure the spoon in a workbench with clamps for this step.

Step 3 Step Three:

Have fun by creating swirls, texture and designs with other attachments. I like to create a hammered appearance on some of my pieces. This will eliminate any accident scratches or marks on your piece as well.

Step 4 Step Four:

Cut the handle of the spoon with a Dremel Cut-Off Wheel. Be sure to leave enough handle to create a loop at the top of the pendant.

Step 5 Step Five:

Use pliers to bend the top of the spoon to create a loop. Depending on your strength and the thickness of your spoon, you may need to use gloves or two pairs of pliers for this step. Make your bends slowly. Be careful not to bend back and forth too quickly or you might break the neck of the spoon.

If the pliers make marks on your spoon, just repeat Step Three.

Finished Pendant Completed Project!

Add a ribbon, chain or cord and your necklace is complete!

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  1. Juleen says:

    I bought myself a Dremel a couple of weeks ago and my husband said when I got it, it was just what he wanted! I told him I’d let him use it sometime but he wasn’t getting it 🙂 I can’t wait to try this project

  2. Dale says:

    I have 4200 dremel that can take care of most everything , you do not want to buy anything lower than a 3000 , not that a lower priced one wouldnt do the job ,it will but will not last you as long.. dont waste money.

  3. Nancy Willaford says:

    This is a great tutorial, thanks!

    I’ve been using my dremel for 20+ years.

    At one point, early on, it shut down in me. So I contacted the Dremel Co., sent it in for repair and two weeks later I got it back good as new (they didn’t charge me a dime for repair) and it’s still going strong!

  4. craftylittlemonkey says:

    Ohh, that is the coolest! I might try it on a wooden spoon first because I’m a bit intimidated by that tool even though I bought myself one ages and ages ago to play with. Thank you so much for the inspiration :).

  5. sweets4ever says:

    Woah, that’s really awesome they did that!