Llamas in Costumes?!

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Randomly Spotted on the Galactic Interweb…

It’s kind of crazy, I confess, but I can’t resist sharing these Llamas in costumes from the Minnesota State Fair. Llamas are popular and adorable fiber animals, much loved by Craftsters. I guess it was only a matter of time before they had their own costume parade. Mock if you must, but you have to admit, the llama makes an adorable giraffe. It almost makes me wish I had a llama sidekick for this Halloween!

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  1. Dragonflywer says:

    I love the Statue of Liberty llama- so funny!

  2. Bunny says:

    I especially love the Llama trainer talking about how he loves these animals for their DIGNITY.

  3. Wicked! says:

    I sooo want a llama now. They’re soo adorable!

  4. superhooker says:

    That man called the llamas “pasture candy.” Are they fruit flavored, or maybe peanut butter?

  5. Krafty_karasu says:

    are they related to the ostrich? how big are their eggs?? seriously?!?!?! what planet are those people from?

    but this is totally funny to watch. llamas with fairy wings, llamas in llama kimonos, llamas in clown hats…oh that’s too much! lol!!!

    and they hum??? I never knew that and I have seen llamas in real life. you learn something new everyday.

  6. llama lover says:

    llamas are awesome they should have the human as a cop and the llama as the cop car because of the way the sound when they humm ….

  7. llama lover says:

    llamas are awesome

  8. llama lover says:

    llamas are so awesome

  9. llama lovers says:

    llamas are soo awesome
    we have our own llama named alfonso

  10. llama lovers says:

    he wants to watch the llama video

  11. llama lovers says:

    omg he’s watching the llama video

  12. llama lovers says:

    our llama alfonso was humming back to the llamas on the screen lol

    i think they are in luv<3333333333

  13. llama lovers says:

    alfonso spit when i said they were in luv<33333333

    ahhh he did it agian

    make it stop

    bad allama no stop dont . . .

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