Let’s Face It

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Lots of time, when one thinks of portraits your typical methods of drawing or painting come to mind. Here at Craftster, though, we have several portrait artists who have created stunning portraiture in unexpected mediums.

From a distance, this portrait of Horace Femm looks like a striking black and white photograph. However, artist Ludi created this extraordinary likeness in needlepoint.

littlecircles used a technique called quilling to create this portrait of a friend. This image is created using thousands of strips of rolled paper.
This delightful portrait of blues singer Ma Rainey was “drawn” by thisbirdsabsurd with thread, using a free motion on sewing machine.
CrazyEyeGlass created this portrait of her daughter using fused glass as her medium of choice.
Even though this portrait by Victoria Kamalova was done with more common materials, look how fanciful this girl’s hair is, rendered in zentangles.

Do an about-face when you’re planning on doing your next portrait, and think of an unusual medium or technique to use. For inspiration, click on the Craftster tag “portrait“, where you’ll find a huge variety.


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