Lawn Ornaments Are So Two Thousand and Late

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Craigslist is a beautiful thing.  Need a sprinkler?

From the listing:

I built this guy last Friday & used him to water the lawn all day Saturday. People driving past, gawked at him like they had never seen a guy vomiting a steady stream of water all over the place. I put an ad to offer to sell him on here under “arts & crafts” on Sunday, but didn’t get any takers. I did get one very nice peice of fan mail from someone called the Dragon Planter and of course a couple peices of spam. At 1st, I thought I might just keep him, but then thought somebody else might be more “into him” then I am. So am advertising again, and udating this ad on Friday the 17th.
He is life size & made from articulated steel rods w/a detachable ceramic head. The top of which is actually a planter that can have plants planted in it.
He can be posed in pretty much any postion a real human can pose in.
He would be good for filling a swimming pool.
I think if you dressed him like a cowboy & wired him to the fence, he’d make a pretty good stock tank filler too.
The kids would probably like to run through his barf on hot days.
You could put him in or near a pond & use a recirculating pump instead of hooking him to the garden hose.
You could dress him in womens clothes & put a wig on him. Making it a lady puker instead.
I can drive him down to Spokane for another $20, [must be prepaid by money order or check issued from bank of America only] and elsewhere possibly.
Please excuse the poor quality of the photos. I am horrible at taking pictures.




Perfect for the college crowd, yes?

Thanks Justine!



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  1. Arimethia says:

    That’s really creepy. Especially how its all dressed in black.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The kids would probably like to run through his barf on hot days.
    oh. dear.

  3. Liz says:

    Wow, that’s freaking funny! Love it.

  4. zowiewoahie says:

    Hahaha! My Dad when we were kids would hold the hose on the side of his head and pretend to throw up. And us kids would just scream with laughter! This so reminds me of this…

  5. Doctorset says:

    This is the welcome page for the Association web site.

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