Keepin’ It Green. The Week in DIY: Turn Your VCR into a Toaster, Decorate Your Tree for Free, and More

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The Week in DIY: Turn your VCR into a toaster, decorate your tree for free, and more

Each week, we highlight some of our favorite DIY projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner crafter.

3 Great Projects that Turn Trash into Christmas Tree Treasures
Skip the store-bought ornaments and try these do-it-yourself decorations instead.

Turn Your Old VHS into an Awesome Toaster Using Slim-Fast Cans

Now that you’ve gotten that Blu-Ray you’re really never going to use that VCR again–try remodeling it into a kitchen appliance to extend its life.

Turn Your Phone into a Bike-Mounted GPS Guide for $5
You’ll never get lost again once you whip up this simple mounting device–made from a detachable flashlight mount and cell phone case–for your bicycle.

10 Must-Know Tips and Resources for Knitting This Winter, Plus Essential Patterns

Stay warm and cozy from now until March with these tricks that make knitting simpler–and cheaper–than ever.

How to Reuse Your Kids’ Artwork
If you’re one of those parents who just can’t throw away even the messiest art, these five easy projects help you keep the pieces safe and organized.

5 Stocking Stuffers You Can Make from a Single Old Coat
From chic button rings to striking tea-clutch purses, give your worn outerwear a new purpose with these five projects.

10 Truly Great DIY Gifts

Put your inner crafter to work on gifts inspired by these ten can’t-miss projects–and then vote for your favorite.

Bake Some Dough Christmas Tree Decorations

Flour, salt, oil, water, and paint let you and your little ones roll, cut, and decorate personalized ornaments that you’ll hang for years to come.

Reuse Household Items as Cat Toys

Rescue paper bags, cardboard, torn socks, crumpled newspaper, wine corks, and egg cartons from the recycling bin and turn them into fun toys for your feline friends.

Upcycle Your Ratty Old Pillow
The outer case may be worn, but a pillow with a zippered inner casing makes the perfect palate for an irresistible photo transfer project.

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