Keepin’ it Green: The Week in DIY: Chic Accessories, Repurposed Clothes, and More

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The Week in DIY: Chic Accessories, Repurposed Clothes, and More

Each week, we highlight some of our favorite DIY projects from our friends at Treehugger and Planet Green to help inspire your inner crafter.

Turn a Designer Handbag into a Solar Powered Fashion Statement

An easy-to-install solar panel turns your favorite tote, purse, or backpack into a device-charging carryall that fits your personality perfectly.

Save Your Orphan Earrings! They’re Necklaces in the Making
Solo earrings go from unworn to unforgettable with a necklace chain that keeps them front and center.

Old Ugly Skirt=New Sexy Summer Dress

As you’re weeding through last winter’s wardrobe in preparation for this season’s new purchases, keep that mid-calf skirt to make a dress for next summer.

Your Old T-Shirt is a Breezy Summer Scarf
Add a lighter layer to ward off chilly fall winds (that aren’t quite strong enough for winter wool) by repurposing a worn out t-shirt.

Your Dusty Old Boots Want to be a Bracelet
Even a cobbler can only do so much with a worn-out pair of boots; if yours are past fixing, turn them into chic jewelry.

Make a Halter Top in a Hurry
A silk scarf, an extra piece of fabric, and a necklace chain become a simple (and stunning) halter top with just a few minutes of work.

Make an Easy Coin Purse from a Beer Case
Before you recycle that six-pack carton, turn it into a tiny case for storing money on your next beer run.

Turn Your Old Leggings or Tights into a Trendy High-Waisted Belt
Make a super-slimming belt from stretchy leggings or opaque pantyhose for an instant update to any outfit.

How to Make a Denim Purse Without Sewing
Whether you don’t know how to thread a bobbin or just prefer working with your hands, turning an old pair of jeans into a no-sew purse helps you reuse the sturdy material.

Make this Cool Recycled Scrabble Letter Bracelet

Missing too many tiles to pull out Scrabble on game night? Turn the ones you have left into personalized accessories.

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