Just Jeans? Upcycle that Denim!

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The great thing about blue jeans is that they last for years. Alas, though, sometimes they’re outgrown, or they get ripped or stained or simply go out of style. Usually, they’ve still got lots of great denim fabric that crafty folks like us can use in several ways, like some of these: 

djonesgirl made several drawstring backpacks as favors for her daughter’s birthday party. She added a pocket to the outside of each bag for extra storage.

I love this quilt that grammardog made for her dad.  Because it’s made of denim, it will be both warm and durable.
This gardening apron, by WendyTheSpaz, is perfect for working in the yard. It’s even got handy pockets in the front, so you won’t lose your gardening gloves.
Just because you’re no longer involved in Scouting doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a merit badge every now and then! waggonswest stitches out fun badges like this one, for a barrel of monkeys, onto swatches of old denim.
Make some pattern weights out of old jeans, like these by hgddm and you won’t need to pin your patterns again.

It’s always a good feeling to upcycle/recycle. What will you make out of your old jeans?

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  1. wendy sweigert says:

    Cut 1″ wide strips of denim, measure to fit wrist, then stitch, bead or paint. Sew with a botton or snaps and you have a cool bracelet

  2. Lori says:

    I made a purse.

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