Just Because You Can…

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Does NOT mean you should.

70’s called. They want their shorts back.

BTW. I bet these babies would give ya a TOTAL camel toe. Just sayin’.

Who wears short shorts!?

*scritch, scritch, scritch* I just don’t know…. I think it may be um… HOT and well, itchy. Knitted thong? Ya. Um. I… No.

Hot pants {source}, Shorts {source}, Intimates {source}

Sam and Karen hail from none other than Craftastrophe.net, where they prove on an almost daily basis that handmade isn’t always pretty.

Craftastrophe was created by nothing more than a few innocent messenger chats where we shared some creative pounces we came across on Etsy. From then on it was a mirage of craftastrophes which couldn’t very well be kept to ourselves, but had to be shared.

These craftastrophes aren’t necessarily bad crafts, many are well made and have taken the crafter a lot of time and energy to create; this site’s goal is to showcase those crafts that are funny, weird, strange and make us laugh. We mean no harm and can honestly say that there have been sales for some sellers on various sites due to their craft being featured on this site! We merely want to share the laughs and enjoy the talents of many. Talents which neither of us have.

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  1. Cherish says:

    LMAO. Wow. This is strange. The last one LOOKS pretty, but not practical.

  2. MizzKodak says:

    The corset is cute, but the colors are super ugly.

  3. MEshelltakeone says:

    Since when does a sexy lingerie ensemble supposed to be practical? essentially you only wear it for about 5 seconds… its not like you go jogging in that kind of thing. ease up folks.

  4. Anonymous says:

    i LOVE that first pair of shorts (just like lots of craftsters love ugly fabrics. you know what i mean 😉 )
    serious. it made me smile-

  5. Arimethia says:

    The first thing I thought when I saw that first pair was “dancer warm up shorts”. It would have been fun to have a pair like that in high school when I used to dance every day.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I love these!! So fun and pretty:) The shorts with the belt are so super cool! Would make for a great made up super hero costume!!

  7. Peanut says:

    ummm…knitting for tops, not bottoms…k?

  8. beavisfreak says:

    those hot pink shorts are calling my name… 😛

  9. Lothruin says:

    Oh boo. The garter belt and panties is a pattern that always intrigued me. I hereby object to the assumption that knitted = scratchy OR sweaty. Knitting has been responsible for many useful and often lovely undergarments over the years. (And most undergarments still are knitted, by the way.) And speaking from experience, I’d rather wear a thong made out of carefully wrought hand-knitted cotton than out of some kind of acetate lace. Now THAT is scratchy and sweaty!

    (P.S. This is not tongue in cheek. I defend the applicability of my craft with regards to intimates. 😀 )

  10. zowiewoahie says:

    OMG. I love knit stuff, but wtf? Knit fabric, and something you knit yourself are not interchangeable! Hahahaha!

  11. crash says:

    Uh, I….. I don’t know what to say. That’s unique though, I’m not going to lie. 😛