July 23 2009 Featured Projects

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Every two weeks we pick our favorite 15 featured projects that Craftster readers have voted for (with the “This Rocks!” button). Here are our latest picks which were lovingly and painstakingly chosen (so many amazing projects to choose from!) this time by sweets4ever. We hope you enjoy them!

Flowers Galore!!! by river_horse

siamese cat embroidered pillow by annette

Bedroom by Crafty Intentions

Crimson Kitchen (plenty o’ pictures) by retroeva

Hand smocked yoke shirt (try saying that one 10 times fast!) by redflag

Make Love-Not HORCRUXES! by jilltheimpossible

Eek!!! 2 ft Cockroach!! by sullengal

These curtains of mine… (many pics) by Mrs.Kitty~

Tiny Halloween Town (12 pics) by Phizzychick

Bubble Bobble Clock by jazzhands

Knife- Pleated denim clutch with buttons by carmencrafter

Cardboard Wall-e Box!!! Pic Heavy! by craftpri

96,852 stitches, give or take by penguinade

Simpsons mosaic table by redflag

What can I say – it’s a lamp above our dining table. by MOB09

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