July 15th – Cow Appreciation Day!

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Cow Jumps over the Moon

Did you even know there was a Cow Appreciation Day? Well, there is, and our bovine friends are certainly feeling appreciated in these crafts! First up, and adorable cow embroidery piece by mrs.turner. Who wouldn’t like to be commemorated in such nice stitching?

Cow girl Hey, now, dressing up like a cow to try to horn in on their day is udderly reprehensible, but this little crocheted “cow girl” by Tygermane is too cute to stay mad at…

Cow Bracelet

Maybe just make a nice bracelet to wear, like this one by
? Bonus, the reverse says “Got Milk”, which can double as a handy reminder to stop at the grocery store!

Plush Cow

However you decide to appreciate cows on this day or any day, just remember to ask yourself, “have you hugged a cow today?” And if the answer is no, you obviously don’t have a cow as squishy and adorable as this plush cow by purringcat, or you certainly would have!


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