January 5th – Bird Day!

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Dodo Drawing

Yes, in the dead of winter (here in the northern hemisphere) or the middle of summer (in the southern hemisphere) is the perfect time to appreciate our feathery friends. Unless it’s the forecasted -10*F here or 39*C there… then you might want a different option instead of standing outside, observing birds in their natural habitat… maybe do some art as an homage, like TechnicolorAquahearts did for the sadly-extinct Dodo?

Felt Bird and Birdhouse

Of course, you could always build a birdhouse to help shelter the little (or not-so little, depending on the native species) guys from the elements… unless you’ve been banned from woodworking due to… say… a freak incident with a band saw and that roll of aluminum foil, or some bizarre troubles with a nail gun and a tub of margarine, but I digress… You can still use your crafty skills to make a felt birdhouse and bird, like this one by noodle-bug (unless anyone remembers the time you sewed yourself to the couch, in which case they may not let you at the sewing machine, but hopefully that’s been forgotten, yes?)

Bird Pincushion Speaking of sewing, who couldn’t use an adorable bird pincushion like this one by Calabaza? Bonus, everyone will let you make that if you remind them of the time you were unpinning things, stuck the pins in your shirt for a lack of anywhere else to put them, then gave someone a hug…
Steampunk Bird Usually this would be the last project, but I simply could not decide between the amazingness that was this steampunk bird by teag
Clockwork Bird … and this clockwork bird by thisbirdsabsurd. Granted, neither of these projects are for the clumsy of crafting (say, anyone who has permanently glued themselves to a piece of furniture) but they are amazing to look at!

I think I’ll just content myself with birdwatching out the window this time around… from the warmth and comfort of inside! Happy Bird Day, everyone!

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