Is This The Real Life?

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Is it just fantasy? It’s both! Our features this week are actually drawings and paintings that look so real, sometimes it’s hard to believe your eyes.
For example, these cupcakes look delicious! You can’t eat them, though; this is a drawing by craftewoman, who used colored pencils to make this incredibly realistic art.
This may look like a black and white photo of a beautiful woman, but it’s actually an oil painting by Malibukasey.
A photo of a sleeping child, or a watercolor by FoxyBlue? I think we all know the answer to that question.
One can almost smell the flowers and enjoy the breeze in this lovely landscape by Victoria Kamalova.
I had to include one of my favorite works of art on Craftster, this “cake lady” by UnRuli. This is just a detail, you’ll definitely want to see the entire piece and read the story behind the art.

So many people have shared their lovely work on the More Art, Less Craft board. It’s like a virtual art museum. Check it out!

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  1. All beautiful! I especially love cake lady!

  2. MissingWillow says:

    We have SUCH amazing artists here!

  3. loves2experiment says:

    Incredible artistry!

  4. sweets4ever says:

    We really, really do.

  5. sweets4ever says:

    That’s my favorite, too, Cherie!