Inauguration Day Craftster Style

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This Tuesday is the inauguration of President-elect Barack Obama, and all over America (and the World) people will be watching this exciting historic event. Every four years Washington DC is full of revelers celebrating the inauguration with balls, parties, and of course, the swearing-in ceremony itself. This year’s is one of the most anticipated in decades. If you can’t attend a fashionable Inaugural ball, you can still celebrate, Craftster style!

Through the long U.S. campaign and election season Craftsters of all political persuasions have made their voices heard through their creativity, passion, and talent.

Kids helped out and even our pets got involved!

Now the election is over, but there’s still plenty of reasons for political crafts!

The ceremony takes place in the morning for most of the US, and being a Tuesday, this presents some challenges for people with day jobs. Don’t despair! You can still have a fabulous Inauguration Day!

Many workplaces are bringing in televisions for employees to view the ceremony. Why not treat your co-workers to some Presidential cupcakes?

If you are lucky enough to be able to watch at home, consider hosting your own inaugural brunch. Grab some friends, turn on the TV, pour some coffee (or mimosas) and watch history happen together (or even on your own).

Here are just a few delicious brunch ideas we found on Craftster: homemade cinnamon buns, strawberry crepes (add blueberries for “Inaugural Crepes”!), vegan banana bread, potato-crust Quiche, and french toast casserole.

Decorate your table with Obama themed goodies like these projects:

Felt balls with Obama’s campaign logo would look adorable on the table. Likewise, paper decorations can be hung on the walls or the backs of chairs. The design of this Obama tea towel would make fabulous napkins as well. Don’t drink your neighbor’s mimosa! These fun and patriotic drink charms will keep everyone’s drinks easy to recognize.

If you crochet, it’s not too late to have Obama himself at your brunch, in the form of one of these adorable amigurumi dolls. You’ll have your own tiny guest of honor!

If you are looking for just the right thing to wear, our wonderful members have you covered. From tshirts to amazing accessories, these projects show you are politically aware as well as craft-fabulous. (Join in with others and work on your own Obama scarf! Find out more at the Obama
scarf Knit-along


If you are one of the lucky few who actually snagged tickets to a ball (or if you have decided to go all out and throw your own!), you will need a ball gown. We may be short on time, but with so many amazingly talented members, we are never short on inspiration.

No matter what your political leanings are, the ceremony and ritual of the inauguration provide continuity, tradition, and a connection between the past and the future. This year, with the inauguration of Barack Obama, the sense of history, of past, present and future, is even more palpable for so many reasons. In a similar way, crafting helps us to be aware of our history, and yet very much a part of today. Crafts and techniques have been passed along through generations, because of necessity, pleasure, and the need for creative outlets. When we craft we are creating something entirely new and ours, but we also touch the community of Craftsters who came before, and who will follow us. Like the need to organize our societies and create governance, the need to express ourselves creatively and find ways to create our own shelter, food, clothing, and add beauty to our lives is a fundamental part of who we are as humans. That is really something to celebrate.

How are you marking the inauguration? If you are outside the US, how do you celebrate these transitions in your country? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Walderhaug says:

    I really love the new design!
    I’d like to congratulate America on a day like this. Here in Trondheim Norway, me and my friends will be celebrating with good food and beer. This is a historical day for the whole world!

  2. Totallyradmom0f3 says:

    I love the new design as well! I unfortunately, just moved and the new place has NO CABLE TV!!!! YIKES. The worst part is I can’t even use rabbit ears:( Now I have pray for an online viewing that is LIVE!!!!

  3. IamSusie says:

    Terrific job in this blog, Batgirl! It looks fantastic! You Rock!

  4. Boogaloo says:

    Hey Totallyradmom0f3, will be broadcasting the event live. I’m so excited.

  5. Alix says:

    I’m watching at work on CNN’s live feed.

    I love love love Aretha Franklin’s hat.

  6. ChrissyCrafts says:

    Watching on nbc feed on the web and listening to NPR. Wish i could be there in person…its breath taking when you are there, but sooo cold!

  7. batgirl says:

    Thanks for the awesome comments! What an exciting day! I loved Aretha’s hat, too. I think it’s time for hats to come back!

  8. MandyLikesPie says:

    Very cool article! I had no idea that so many Obama crafts had been posted. The knitted hat is amazing! And I just want to give that Obama amigurumi a big, big hug. Today is such a good day. 😀 😀

  9. kjlutz says:

    Great article. Although I am not in the US I did watch the inauguration today. It was interesting being in Canada as the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation provided full coverage on its TV and radio stations as well as its website. Its a great tradition, and it makes we wish we did something similar in Canada. But then again, I don’t think we could afford to do it, given that lately we’ve been having elections every 2 years.

    Although I am very envious of the American “I Voted” Stickers (and even more envious of the awesome crafts made from them).

  10. And to think, I put my “I voted” sticker on a letter to my husband when I could have made something awesome with it 🙂

  11. beegeek says:

    If you watched the inauguration on NBC today you may have seen a reporter with a very cute knit hat. It had a wide band with a knit bow on the side. Does anyone know where I could get a pattern similar to it?

  12. batgirl says:

    Hmmm….have you looked or asked on the knitting boards? There are tons of cool hats over there, or they may be able to help you figure out or modify a pattern. There are some knitty geniuses around here!

  13. crafty_dame says:

    kjlutz, i totally feel you on the “i voted” stickers, so jealous! i have a “kiss me, i voted” pin that i wear, but it’s not so office appropriate!

    this is an awesome post batgirl, i missed a lot of these the first time around as well. i love the vote poster!

  14. suze says:

    All I can say is HOORAY! We are finally, finally in the future, with new hope and chance again!!!

  15. mommabear1963 says:

    what a great blog! Good job.

  16. batgirl says:

    Thanks so much, Mommabear1963! Thanks to all for the awesome comments! What an amazing day!

  17. Awe! Thanks for including my tea towel with all these amazing Obama Crafts.