I Wanna Have Another Baby Just So I Can Hang This In It’s Room*

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Thanks Steen!


*Not really. I would rather skewer my eyes with rusty knitting needles than have another baby. Wait, do knitting needles even rust? Well you know what I mean. I’m too old to be pregnant again. or deal with sleepless nights and diapers and wipes and sore boobs and cracked nipples. I don’t even know why I did go through all that twice. Did I forget after the first one how much work it was? Why can’t kids just come out big enough to wipe their own butts? Oh wait, that would hurt.

Sam and Karen hail from none other than Craftastrophe.net, where they prove on an almost daily basis that handmade isn’t always pretty.

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  1. leopardstripes says:

    OMG. That’s just…..evil. ;o)

  2. lol, i don’t like it, but it’s kind of funny… i like your presentation and explanation about what’s not cool about having babies… i agree and for that, many people think, i’, crazy or a bad parent…not just sinceer