I (anatomical) Heart You!

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The anatomical heart: there are many variations to be found on Craftster, made with a variety of interesting and varied mediums. Here are just a few of them:

monsterkookies sculpted this tiny mechanical heart pendant to portray the Tin Man’s heart. There’s a tiny red heart inside, signifying that the Tin Man had a real heart all along, beneath the cold hard steel.


On the other end of the size spectrum is this oversized stuffed heart by erica_tattoos. Judging by the photo in her post with her son for scale, this gigantic heart is around two feet tall!

edelC carved a heart into linoleum and stamped a repeat image to create this beautiful anatomical heart print fabric.
The story and the in-progress photos of how gorgaus carved a 108 year old piece of pine board into this large wooden heart is well worth the read.
This heart, by konstantine1111 is perhaps the true definition of a “sweetheart“. It’s made from carved floral foam and completely covered with candy conversation hearts. Sweet!

You can see many more versions of the anatomical heart by visiting the Craftster tag cloud and clicking on the “anatomical heart” tag.

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  1. Kayleigh says:

    I have an anniversary coming up! Love these hearts!

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