How to Make Confetti Glass

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Confetti Glass In this episode of Craftster Quickies, kittykill teaches you how to make sparkling confetti glass. Confetti glass can be used to spruce up your place settings or to give as gifts for housewarming parties, birthdays and holidays, too.

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  1. I Sew Cute says:

    You made this look so fun & easy! Also, I’ve got ‘so nice’ running through my head thanks to your little interlude as the glasses baked. 😀

  2. HSG says:

    Love this video, kittykill! You are so fun to watch. 🙂

  3. sweets4ever says:

    She’s the best. 🙂

  4. Schnerby says:

    Painted glass plates! What fun. I had never thought of glass plates as paintable 🙂

    It never ceases to amuse me when I watch these videos and hear Craftster pronounced with an American accent. It’s just not the way it sounds in my (Aussie) head! 🙂 haha!