How to Easily Put On a Duvet Cover

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Making a duvet cover is a quick way to change your bedroom decor without spending a lot of money. Duvet covers can range from simple to complex, and if you make several you can change your room seasonally, or as often as you like. It’s also convenient, as you can wash your cover without having to put the entire duvet in the washer (those comforters can be bulky!). One thing that frustrates many people is the struggle to get the duvet cover back onto the duvet. There is a simple solution, and this video will show you how. Now you will never have to dread changing your duvet cover again!

How To Put On A Duvet Cover

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I hoped there would be a NEW way that would help me not dread putting it on!! Sadly, this is the way I have been doing it since forever and I still DREAD it.

    I thought this was gonna be some new fangled way… 🙁

  2. Paulette Burton says:

    She make it look so easy! I’ve been doing it this way, but it’s not that easy! I guess a larger duvet makes it harder.

  3. Great video! It will always be hard to get the King size duvet on, but having a good technique like this will definetely help. Thanks for the helpful post.

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