How to Make Energy Bars

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I love the Chocolate and Zucchini cooking blog (and books!). It combines amazing, adventurous cooking with entertaining stories of life in Paris. Clotilde is a charming hostess, so visiting C&Z is like having a chat with an interesting and talented friend, It’s always a pleasure.

In this recipe she explains how to make your own energy bars. The recipe is adaptable to different variations, and contains a small number of natural ingredients. You will have delicious energy bars, plus the satisfaction of making them yourself! Yum!

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  1. chimes says:

    oooh thanks for sharing!!

  2. alorralora says:

    Yummo!! I swear, I have gained so much from joining Craftster (2 days now!) and this recipe is one more reason to be happy! From the ingredients, it seems like it would be very gluten-free, but I’m no expert on that as I’m quite surprised at what does contain gluten at times.