Hip, Hippo-ray!

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Hooray for hippos! They’re big and bumbly and so adorable. I assembled a small pod of them this week. And yes, a group of hippos is called a pod. Who knew?

jellybean89 calls this little cutie a “happypotamus“, and it’s easy to see why. It’s bright and fun and cuddly.

Here’s another cuddle-bug, all dressed up with a lacy ruffle. Kristen81 stitched up this friendly hippo.
Well, hello, Ms. Fancypants! A bright floral fabric makes this hippo by kmb007 extra fun and cheery.
This face, with a cute body to match! Xbeautiful_disasterX shared the pattern to make this little sweatheart.
When LimeRiot makes a “pygmy hippo“, she’s not kidding around. Here’s the smallest of the small in our hippo collection. Awww!

Hooray for hippopotami! Click here to see a few more, and happy hippo to you!

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  1. pottermouth says:

    Loving all the hippo love!