Happy Birthday, Harry!

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The Harry Potter series debuted 20 years ago yesterday, and what a wild ride. So many people have loved the series, and so many Craftsters have been inspired by it. In fact, sweets4ever has just compiled all the Harry Potter project here, and it numbers over 1,000! To which house do you belong?

If you don’t know, perhaps you need to find a sorting cupcake, which will make it clear where you should end up. patty_o_furniture filled each of these cupcakes with a corresponding house color, so not only do you get a yummy cupcake to celebrate the birthday, you can find out which house you’ve been sorted into.

Not everyone can be a wizard, and sometimes you need to let people know that you are one of the lucky few. lindyv321 doesn’t mind hanging out with Muggles, as long as she sports her tee shirt announcing she’s not one herself.
fatewineroses embroidered this fantastic Molly Weasley clock, which, in the books, would not only tell the time, but the location of any family member.
What’s for breakfast? How about a nice serving of CheeriOwls, complete with house bowls, each sporting its house color. patty_o_furniture created this set for a swap partner from one of the many, many Harry Potter themed swaps hosted on Craftster.
Everything is magical in Harry’s world, including the flora and fauna. pottermouth lovingly reproduced a set of mandrakes, and posted a great tutorial. Watch out, though, these guys are screamers.

Need more magic? Check out all 1,000+ Harry Potter crafts by clicking here now.


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  1. pottermouth says:

    Merlin’s beard, 1,000 Harry Potter crafts in one place?! Thank you!

  2. Mistress Jennie says:

    So. Much. LOVE.

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