Handmade Toys for Girls and Boys

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Sometimes keeping kids entertained can be a bit of a challenge, but here are some handmade toys that will delight any child. Plus, what a great way to show them how fun and satisfying diy can be! 

Watsonc7 created this wonderful stuffed doll from a self portrait drawn by her nephew. What a marvelous keepsake, and you just can’t help but be happy looking at that face.


This play table by leighi123 fosters creative play in so many ways. With a few props, the surface can become not only the farm scene shown here, but an ocean, a camping trip, a moon surface, and even a ramp for racing cars. Because it was made from an old shoe storage unit, there are shelves below for keeping play figures and props neat and out of the way. Genius!
felicitybaby made an old game fun again. She altered an old Sorry! game into a Harry Potter game in which all the players have to be first to make it to their own common room. The new playing pieces, complete with their Hogwarts uniforms, will delight HP fans of all ages.
Here’s a fishing game by rlynn that will keep kids entertained for hours. Each little fish has a metal d-ring sewn near its mouth, and the hook on the rod contains a magnet on it for an easy catch. The best thing about these fish is that not only are they adorable, there’s no fishy smell!
Imaginative play is the best. patty_o_furniture stitched up some dragon wings for her daughter. This diy project also inspired her daughter to create fire to breathe when she’s wearing her bright red wings.

There is a huge variety of toys and games to be found on the Toys, Dolls, and Playthings board on Craftster. Go make something fun!

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