Handmade Halloween Costumes: Eyeball Costume

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Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope some of the costumes posted this month have given you the inspiration to make your own great costumes. I can’t wait to see what people made and wore this year! I’ve got my eye on you! Speaking of… look at this huge eyeball costume Tero made for her daughter last year. It’s so great. Here’s looking at you, kid!

Don’t forget that the Craftster blog brings you new and interesting craft ideas every day, so be sure to check back often! Click here to see what’s new! If you missed any of the great costume ideas I posted this month, here’s a handy list of links. Happy Halloween!

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Food Costumes, October 24
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Twister Costume, October 30

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  1. Emily Wilkes says:

    These are great, original costume ideas. If only I had the time to make them…

  2. ruth crean says:

    That eyeball is amazing!! And the kid looks so happy to be wearing it.
    Here is a post of the costume I wore last year to a fancy dress wedding, it’s loosely a Marie Antoinette dress. I made it by upcycling a corset top by sewing on the sleeves from a jacket, and adding some rivets at the shoulders, making the lace collar, and adding tonnes of lace and material to a skirt that I had, I finished it all off by sewing a hoola hoop into the skirt to make it stand out.

  3. Jenn says:

    Cool costume, must have been hard to sit down though 🙂

  4. Great unique Halloween costume idea – I have actually never ever seen that costume before. Might have to make my own and give it a try next Halloween.

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