Handmade Halloween Costumes: Eiffel Tower Costume

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Ooo la la, how about a taste of France this Halloween? mirchita made this Eiffel Tower costume for her cousin. You don’t have to be a Francophile to appreciate this great costume!

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Ball o’Yarn Costume, October 2
Gnome riding a Snail Costume, October 3
Grumpy Care Bear Costume, October 4
Ghoul Scout Costume, October 5
Baby Elvis Costume, October 6
Pinata Costume, October 7
Tomas Costume, October 8
Peacock Costume, October 9
Oogie Boogie Costume, October 10
Autumn Princess Costume, October 11
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Voodoo Doll Costume, October 13
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Silent Hill Nurse Costume, October 15
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Tree of Knowledge Costume, October 17

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  1. trudi8 says:

    Wow this is good. Most creative I have seen in a while. Real good work!

  2. Shelley says:

    WOW..that’s so cool!!! hehe

  3. Judy Wilson says:

    How do I make this or can I rent it? It is really great.

  4. Bexy says:

    how can i make this costume, or if you are not using it, can i rent it for next halloween. it really looks wonderful

  5. Stephanie says:

    I was wondering how you made this? I am trying to get a costume for my daughter for her play at school… I don’t have much time… can you please e mail me at stephaniebroffman@gmail.com

  6. Jance says:

    I want this Eiffel Tower costume..I am serious…how can I buy it???

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