Handmade Gift Ideas: Gingerbread Ninja Air Freshener

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Gingerbread Ninja Reusable Air Freshener by maxxev on Craftster Craftster Member maxxev says this cute gingerbread ninja air freshener “Fights bad odours! and smells of Vanilla!”.

To make this air freshener, maxxev used pre-made bisque in the shape of a gingerbread man, hand glazed the front and sides to make it look ninja-y and fired it in a kiln.

As maxxev notes, bisque is porous and absorbs essential oils, fragrance oils designed for use in an oil burner and aromatherapy oils. To renew the scent simply add a few more drops of the oil to the surface of your fired bisque.

Funky custom-shaped air fresheners, like this ninja, make cool gifts for crafters and co-workers if, of course, you are lucky enough to have access to a kiln.

Take a peak at more gingerbread man craft projects, including this amazing steampunk gingerbread man by azreno.

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  1. somnambuchatter says:

    These are awesome!!! I’m going to try to make some with plaster of paris (also porous.

    I have a silicon gingerbread man mold (it makes several 2.5-3in “men” at a time I can use for a mold). The buttons and their little faces will have to be filed down first; but a true ninja does not fear doing what must be done. (right? 😉

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