Handmade Halloween Costumes: Gnome Riding a Snail Costume

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Walking around all night trick or treating can get tiring, especially if you’re a tiny gnome. Luckily this fellow was able to hitch a ride on a snail. Snails are notoriously pokey, though, so this smart gnome has a carrot on a stick to help motivate his reluctant steed. Giailh created this fanciful costume for her husband.

gnome on snail costume

Muppet Costume, October 1
Ball o’Yarn Costume, October 2

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  1. Tom Griffith says:

    If you want to dress this up try airbrushing. Stencils can be used for many things including costumes. People forget that body art makes a great outfit. It sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. If you need some stencils for halloween or for a costume check out http://www.islandtribal.com Thom

  2. Melsa says:

    Oh man, this is the best costume I’ve ever seen.

  3. BlargaBlarga says:

    This makes me so happy! I love him! Reminds me of the racing snail on the Neverending Story!

  4. vijay jain says:

    cute costume!

  5. sydney9712 says:

    um is that 1 or 2 people…

  6. Donn Mirich says:

    Hi, I also love the Toy Story movies, awesome film!

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