Great Things from Reconstructed T’s

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Many of us have a collection of old t-shirts that we just can’t bear to get rid of. We may not wear them anymore, but many of them have sentimental value and we just can’t let them go. Here are a few great ideas for making those old or ill-fitting shirts into something new.

For example, look at this great bag! It’s made out of an old MASH shirt that was getting no wear. nofury shows how she cut the shirt apart and crafted this handy bag for storing her WIPs. Nothing was wasted; she even repurposed the sleeves as pockets on the inside of the bag.

Cowabunga! You’re going to want to see all the great skirt styles smarmyclothes posted in her thread. She took several shirts and made all sorts of unique skirts out of each one of them.
You don’t see underwear like this every day! carinalou wasn’t wearing this old band tee anymore, but she wasn’t quite ready to get rid of it, either. In her post, she explains the steps of how she made these panties out of an old favorite.
mouse123 picked up several XL t-shirts on sale, and reconstructed them to make a shirt and a couple of different styles of dresses. What a great (and inexpensive!) way to build a casual wardrobe.
If you have several old shirts you no longer care about, you can always cut them up for yarn, and make a great crocheted bathmat, like this one by cankle. It’s soft and comfortable on her feet when she steps out of the shower, plus it’s easy to wash, and looks great.

So don’t toss those old tees! Use your imagination and make something new. If you don’t have the perfect tee for a project like one of these, your local thrift store probably has almost endless supply. Happy crafting!

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  1. Sarah Bayly says:

    Great ideas. I kept all my little girls favourite clothes in a box for years, and was just about to have a clear out, when I decided to make them into a quilt. Little girls clothes have so many interesting bits (buttons, glitter, fur) that they made a really cute quilt, and there was even a few pockets which her favourite soft toys live in! I now make and sell quilts for other people, using their kids clothes.

  2. HRSG says:

    Love these ideas! I mean who does not have bunches of old T’s in the house.

  3. Catherine says:

    I love the bathmat idea I am going to try thaat!

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