Getting Your Just Desserts

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You’ve been extra sweet lately, right? If yes, then you probably deserve a sweet treat as a reward. I pulled up five delicious looking desserts from the cooking board that will satisfy any sweet tooth. Give them a try!

Do you like peanut butter? Oh boy, then check out the size of this giant Reese’s peanut butter cup. It’s too big to even fit in this photo! patty_o_furniture made this for her daughter’s birthday, and was kind enough to include a link to the recipe in her post.

DreamChild556 made this yummy looking mint pie for St. Patrick’s Day, but I feel sure this would be a hit any day of the year.
Doesn’t a chocolate mousse cake sound tempting? Onyxnox added a little liqueur to give this treat a bit of a kick.
Mmm, Angel Food! This sort of light cake has always been a favorite of mine. patty_o_furniture baked this beautiful cake; it’s perfect!
If you’re tempted by all these confections but don’t have a lot of time, use Quantumphysica‘s recipe and try out this 7 minute chocolate cake, and bake it in a mug in the microwave. It’s a single serving of fun!

All of the above dessert posts include the recipe or a link to the recipe. Are you hungry now? Get your just desserts on the Craftster Dessert board, and satisfy that sweet tooth.


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  1. pottermouth says:

    How is one supposed to decide which to make when given so many delicious options?

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