Gamer Wednesday: Crochet Portal Companion Cube with Pattern

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Crochet Portal Companion Cube with patternHey all you Portal nuts out there! We know you’re geeking out about Portal 2, so for this Gamer Wednesday we’re featuring a Portal craft project just for you.

ShaanaBanaana shared her pattern for a crochet Companion Cube from the Portal video game that debuted in 2007. This was her first post on Craftster – so kudos to her for sharing such a sweet project with us! Her crocheted Companion Cube sits pretty at 18 inches cubed and is composed of 214 individual pieces that she stitched together (okay, that is commitment!).

We checked around the interwebs and it looks like Portal 2 is getting some solid reviews! If you want to get your Portal fix right now, peep the Portal 2 website to watch some pretty fantastic trailers and scope out the super crafty Portal 2 comics and illustrations!

We haven’t played the new Portal 2 game yet, have you? If so, please share your experiences in a comment below!

Take a look at all the other Portal projects on Craftster, like this series of Portal Warning Sign Paintings, these awesome polymer clay Companion Cubes, a real cake and this Portal inspired etched glass.

Happy gaming!

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  1. Michel Rabideau says:

    You should make me one and sell me it! Because I know no one who crochets!

  2. Meekish says:

    sooo cute.
    i need to learn to crochet. ):

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