Funny Business: April Fools’ Day and Crafting

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Scary Ski Mask No one knows for sure how April Fool’s Day began, but there are many theories. One popular idea is that it began around 1582 in France. This is when the calendar changed from the old Julian calendar, to the modern Gregorian. On the Julian calendar April 1 was the beginning of the new year. Because it took a while for the word to spread in those days, some folks didn’t get the news for years, and others refused to accept the change. Other people referred to them as “April Fools” or “April Fish” in French (because a young fish is easily caught). This evolved into sending people on “fool’s errands”, pranks, and other jokes and harassment, eventually becoming the holiday we know today. Some people dispute this theory, but whether it is true or not, April Fool’s Day has become a day for jokes, pranks, and merriment throughout the Western World, and for those in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s a time-honored marker of the beginning of Spring.
In honor of this holiday celebrating silliness, we wanted to feature some Craftster projects that crack us up. A sense of humor is one of the outstanding features of many of our members, and this is reflected in some unique and hilarious projects. The following is just a small taste of our favorites. Get ready to hold your sides, slap your thighs, and giggle like a schoolgirl. This is some funny stuff!

little Bigmouth stuffy Sorry Cake skydivers
spam xstitch Clam dip snow yoda
felt eye bunny chicken viking hat breakdance
high in fiber presidents giant inflatable dinosaur
guilt sticks gummi venus de milo ice cube cozies
jello mold soap moustaches nude Hoff with Sharpeis
onesie pirate toilet roll scarf
soap steak
shark attack hat Yetis
zombie defense station kitties puke valentine

Do you know of a project that makes you LOL? Share it with us!

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  1. Rachael says:

    Thanks for featuring both of my need felts, the steak and Squeek!!! It’s an honor.

    The rest of these projects crack me up.

  2. Christine says:

    Wow. I these crafters are my heros. I want to be this funny!

  3. TheMistressT says:

    The humor of craftsters is one of my favorite things about craftster and one of my favorite things to express when crafting. I’m so glad you decided to feature these works for April Fools Day! Thank you!

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