Fresh Bread for Your Feast

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bread Nothing smells as delicious as fresh baked bread. Why not make some for your holiday feast? There are lots of recipes on Craftster that are sure to fit in with your menu. We have picked out a variety of delicious recipes: traditional and no-knead bread, pumpernickel, dinner rolls, sweet breads, corn bread, soft pretzels, even plates made of bread!

When making bread you can form the dough or loaf into shapes such as the ear of corn and little piggies shown here, or the turtle bread posted in a previous blog. One year I made grape clusters by rolling dough into small balls and sticking them together in the shape of grapes. Add a bit of dough twisted into a stem and a dough “leaf”, and bake! It’s easier than it sounds and very impressive.

I hope you are inspired as we’re going through the various elements of a holiday feast this month: salad, soup, sides, desserts, and vegetarian/vegan options. Just a few more days until the cooking begins! Save yourself time and stress by making what you can ahead of time, and enlist a kitchen assistant to help with the prep. Enjoy your feast!

For even more delicious bread recipes, click here to see all tagged projects.

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  1. KiwiDragons says:

    Oh yum! I love home made bread.

  2. onyxnox says:

    oh no! That’s my dwarfed because I made a boo boo pumpernickel loaf!!! Not one of my prouder moments in baking history – but it was a tasty bread!

  3. batgirl says:

    onyxnox, but it looks so tasty! I can change it if you want, but it looks awfully yummy to me! -Batgirl

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