Foodie Friday: Cake Pops and Bakerella

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Bakerella Robot Cake Pop

Robot cake pops are featured in the book "Cake Pops" by cake pops trendsetter Angie Dudley.

For this Foodie Friday, we’re talking all things Cake Pops!

Cake Pops are a full blown trend, present in cupcake shops and even on the menu of Starbucks, the largest coffeehouse company in the world. If you’re wondering what led to this delicious overnight sensation… read on!

You can’t talk about Cake Pops without mentioning, and the incredible creator Angie Dudley. Angie took some time to answer a few questions we had about how she turned an activity she loved into a trend. She was kind enough to also share her cherished moments along the way and her all-time favorite cake pop designs!

Angie is as sweet as a cake pop – and we thank her for taking the time to chat with us!


How it began

Angie Dudley Bakerella Creator

Angie Dudley is the creator of

“I started making cake pops in the beginning of 2008 and they quickly became popular around the internet. By the middle of that year I was on the Martha Stewart show to demonstrate how to make them. I just continued to create new designs to feature on the blog,” Angie told us.

She continues, “Before 2008 I had never seen a cake pop. Now, just about every cupcake shop I go in to also makes them. But I think what has made them so popular is how easy they are to create and how you can take all the basic concepts and use your creativity to come up with your own designs at home. The possibilities are endless”.

Bakerella Spring Chickens Cake Pops

Angie cites the "minimal decorations for maximum cuteness" factor as a reason why she loves the spring chicks design.


Angie’s favorite cake pop designs

Angie says her creative inspiration comes from “a desire to put a smile on someone’s face”. Her favorite cake pop designs include robots, spring chicks, owls, clowns and cupcake pops. She shares, “Cake pops just have a way of putting smiles on peoples’ faces. The people that make them the first time realize what they are able to create and the people that see them for the first time are blown away”.


Cake Pops book by Angie Dudley

Angie recently published her book "Cake Pops".

Her new book

Angie recently published her book called “Cake Pops”, which features recipes and decorating tips for more than 40 cake pops. When we asked her, what’s the most rewarding moment in the process of making her new book, she responded, “The most rewarding moment has absolutely been every time I met someone on the Book Tour. Knowing someone enjoyed the book and hearing their stories… It’s something I will always cherish”.


Cake Pops made by Craftster members

Snowman Cake PopSnowman with Earmuffs Cake Pop Hello Kitty Cake PopsHello Kitty Cake Pops Zombie Cake PopsZombie Cake Pops
Star Wars Princess Leia Cake PopPrincess Leia Cake Pop Star Wars Clone Trooper Cake Pops Clone Troopers Cake Pops Devil Cake PopDevil Cake Pop

Thanks to Craftster members RunJanisRun, SlyBetty and kmb007 for sharing their sweet treats with us. You can check out more cake pops on Craftster, and, join KittyKill in the kitchen to learn how to make your own cake pops!  Make sure to share your creations with us on our cooking board.


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  1. kjlutz says:

    The only time I tried making cake pops it was a total failure. I need to try again as these are all so cute.

    Another great one on the boards is the Terrier pops by sparrowowl.

  2. Oh how I love the cake pops! I’ve made them numerous times for The Husband’s coworkers and they *love* them. Congratulations on your new book Angie!


  3. JuiceBoxJenny* says:

    oh lord! I’ve seen a TON of cake pops, presented a bunch of ways, but I have NEVER seen anything like those robots and I must say I am IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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