Foodie Friday: Afternoon Tea

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Afternoon tea Today’s feature is more than just one recipe. It’s actually an entire afternoon of recipes. It’s afternoon tea (in Ireland!) and, frankly, it sounds fabulous. edelC invited some friends over to enjoy quite a delicious little feast. Her menu included cardomom and orange flavoured scones, chocolate muffins with peanut butter, pesto and feta scone twists and much, much more. The only question I had at the end of the post was, “Why wasn’t I invited?” Maybe next time! 🙂
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  1. Kelly says:

    Oh yummy! This looks absolutely wonderful.

  2. Anonymous says: time you are all invited…

    as long as you bring some sunshine!

  3. Ok, this is kind of weird but I just ran across this YouTube video: Kesha Tik Tok

    It’s this chick who calls herself Ke$ha (Yes that’s Kesha with a dollar sign lol) But she’s got this music video called Tic Toc and the lyrics and song are hilarious. It’s kind of catchy believe it or not. At one point she says something like “I brush my teeth with a bottle of Jack…” maybe shes an alcoholic. Either way watch it and let me know what you think of it. Like it or hate it?

    …And is it weird that I like it? 🙂

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