Flowers In Your Hair

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Remember the old song: “If you’re going to San Francisco, Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair”. If fresh flowers aren’t available, you can still adorn yourself with blooms.

Miss Ireen made a lovely embroidered headband. Vibrant orange flowers and bright green and white accents make a lovely accessory.

Origami blooms make a fun accent for prom. Faesissa used pages from a comic book to get bright pop of color.
See and be seen wearing a bright red floral hairclip. IndigoCharm purchased the flower and added a clay “skullface” and beads to the center to make this great Day of the Dead accessory.
Step out in rockabilly style with a lovely floral bandana. Poofhawk made several bright hairwraps to match just about any outfit.
Pulling your hair back? Here’s a great way to keep it in place: with a hair buckle. This needle-felted leaf by Holy_Sock will do the trick.

Add a year-round hint of spring with beautiful floral accessories for your hair. For more great hair accessories, click here!


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