Featured Craftalong: The Poppet-along!

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Ghilies Poppet We have a new monthly feature here on the ol’ C-ster blog. Every month we’ll pick one of the many craftalongs going on around the boards and feature it here! Craftalongs are a great way to get inspired and stay motivated on a craft.

The first featured craftalong was a pretty obvious choice in my opinion. Not only is the Poppet-along the biggest craftalong on Craftster, it’s actually the second most replied to thread on Craftster!

To join in, all you need to do is PM ghilie and ask her for the poppet pattern (don’t forget your email address!), then get crafting! There are tons of pattern variations available and tons of accessories to be made. The sky’s the limit! Here’s a few of my favorite poppets to get you inspired!

Rockabilly Poppet Elven Poppet Steampunk Poppet
Belly Dancer Poppet Poppet Twins Bearded Poppet

Don’t forget to check out the general craftalongs, knitalongs, crochetalongs, stitchalongs, and clothing sewalongs for more inspiration and motivation! (By the way, I’m sure I missed some of the various craftalongs around Craftster. Let me know what I missed and I’ll add it here!)

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  1. Amigurl55 says:

    Poppets are such a great way to get into doll making. They’re cute and easy to make. They’re so addicting! Its great that the poppet-along is featured.

  2. littlezo says:

    they are so fun and easy to make even if its you first time you become adictive and were all such nice fellows on the poppetalong so come say hi!!!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Those are sooooooo cute~! I can nor sew I want to learn I LOVE those ~! My daughter would love one I MIGHT have to ask a friend to make me a few lol.

  4. Eliea says:

    Horray for the poppet-along! Totally amazing that it’s the second most replied to thread!

  5. becanneliz says:

    I love it AND it kind of freaks me out. Does anyone else remember that move “The Dark Crystal”? Because that is what is reminds me of. In a strange way, I really like it.

  6. lindag35 says:

    I just found this poppet-along and think they are so awesome!!

    Where do you get the eyes from/ And how are u guys attaching the hair?