Fabulous Thrift Store Redos

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Thrift stores are such a great source of supplies for crafting.  Sometimes all they seem to have is junk, but if you have an open mind and a good eye, you can take that junk and make something amazing with it! Here are some great projects that began their life at the thrifty. 

I absolutely love this trinket holder by lovelyMTNlife. She got her inspiration from a similar piece she found at Anthropologie, but decided to make her own. She glued together a bird figurine and a single dish, and painted them with high gloss white spray paint to create this adorable jewelry holder.

If your local thrift stores are like mine, there is probably an entire aisle filled with questionable framed art. mezcraft found a couple of great frames, and filled them with beautifully embroidered fox portraits.
Are you in need of some storage solutions for your craft supplies? Look at the wonderful containers franknhurter found and used. She spiffied up this old flute case, now a new knitting needle case, and also reconned a typewriter case to store and tote her embroidery supplies. Genius!
One would never guess that these beautiful utensil holders started out as plastic containers used to display Beanie Babies! Crafty Amanda needed more storage for her utensils, and transformed those plastic cases using paint, some cloth from an old tablecloth, and twine. What a great storage solution.
Printer’s boxes are so great for displays, but can be pricey. edenkitty got the printer’s box look with this old storage box once used for holding cassette tapes! This shadow box not only stores and organizers her spools of thread, it is also perfect for decorating a craft room.

Take some time to poke around a bit next time you’re in your local thrift store. If you’re willing to be open minded, there’s no limit to what you can make with what they have to offer. Happy crafting!

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  1. linda says:

    I love the idea for holding thread spools! I actually have an old wall display with different sized cubby holes that would be perfect! Gonna pull out the white paint and get after it right now- thanks!